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“Lateral thinking is about escaping from established ideas and perceptions, breaking out of the perceptual boxes we build for ourselves, and generating ideas of real moment…” Edward de Bono


Is it time for your business/organisation/destination to adapt to a post Covid-19 marketplace, innovate, and maximise outcomes?


Whether starting a new business/project, or pivoting an existing business/project, to achieve maximum success, pause and rethink the fundamentals relevant to a post Covid-19 marketplace:

  • What is truly unique about your business/product/service/experience, why will customers find it compelling?

  • How do you really stack up against your competitors, what are you proposing to do better than your competitors?

  • What does your branding & positioning represent to your customers, how are you relevant to their needs and wants?

  • How is your business sustainable, economically and environmentally?


Randall Walker Consulting (RWC) can help you to identify and/or develop and leverage your optimal:

  • Distinctive Competence,

  • Competitive Advantage, and

  • Brand Image (Branding & Positioning)

  • Sustainability.


RWC can assist your business/organisation/destination to realise its full potential by working with you to understand your target market customers and to develop and implement a Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA). Having a genuine customer focus and valuing staff through training and development lie at the heart of success for businesses and organisations. Making a commitment to implement real and transformational change in order to achieve optimal performance is a truly rewarding journey.


Of all the transitions from employee to investor, making the transition from being self-employed to becoming an effective business owner can be the most challenging. In his book The Cashflow Quadrant Robert Kiyosaki describes the challenge to progress from an “S” (self-employed) mindset to a “B” (business owner) mindset.


“S owns a job. B owns a system and then hires competent people to operate the system.” Robert Kiyosaki


Randall Walker is happy to have an initial free conversation to understand your current position and needs.

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