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“Love All. Serve All.” Sri Sathya Sai Baba (adopted by Isaac Tigrett as the motto for Hard Rock Café)


Depending on a client’s needs, time frame and budget RWC will create a tailored solution that is designed to deliver immediate, short-term, medium-term and long-term outcomes.


Depending on the nature and scale of the project, RWC can assemble a specialist team, with skills relevant to a client’s specific needs. Have peace of mind that RWC and its associates have a proven track record of delivering positive results.


  • Do you have a true point of difference?

  • What do you do that is world class?

  • Are your customers loyal?

  • Are your staff motivated and proud of their jobs?

  • Do you confidently outperform your competitors?

  • Do you have an effective online marketing strategy?


RWC offers a range of consulting services to assist businesses and organisations with:


  • Strategic Plan

  • Business Plan

    • Operations Plan

    • Marketing Plan

    • HR Plan

    • Financial Plan

  • Destination Management Plan

  • Economic Development Strategic Plan

  • Investment Prospectus

  • Public Relations Strategy

  • Branding & Positioning Strategy

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Tourism & Hospitality Management

  • High Performance Team Training

  • Customer Service Training

  • Sales Training

  • Speech Writing and Presentation Creation

  • Master of Ceremonies


For corporate teambuilding RWC recommends Teambuilding Australia - Australia's premier company in that field

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