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“The five things are the way, the weather, the terrain, the leadership, and discipline.” Sun Tzu 

Many comparisons are made between military phrases and approaches to business. Certainly objectives, tactics, intelligence/research and discipline are critical to both.

The word “strategy” is derived from the ancient Greek word “strategos” which means “the general’s art”.

A sound business plan is underpinned by market research and coupled with an integrated marketing communications strategy. An all-important 'market orientation' must be adopted, and a 'product driven' approach must be avoided.


A strategy is ineffective if developed in isolation and simply imposed as a top down directive. For a strategy to be effective it must be a result of a holistic organisational approach. Input should be sought from staff and customers. Only then can staff take ownership of, and embrace, the strategy. The best strategic plans are living documents that remain flexible to adjust to market forces.


Success flows from understanding the customer, valuing and developing staff and working efficiently. Success is not inextricably linked to working longer hours. Working smarter is preferred. Having accurate data to make informed decisions is critical. Frequent and ongoing monitoring of your business is essential.

Strategy services include:

  • Strategic Plan

  • Business Plan

    • Operations Plan

    • Marketing Plan

    • HR Plan

    • Financial Plan

  • Destination Management Plan

  • Economic Development Strategic Plan

  • Investment Prospectus

  • Public Relations Strategy

  • Branding & Positioning Strategy

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